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ourlinQ™ provides profit sharing solutions for professional service firms that incentivize your employees to think like owners…leading to increased employee engagement and retention and improved project and company profitability.

Connect Decision-Making

Link the importance of individual decisions and each team's performance to project and company profitability​.

Foster Collaboration

Increase teamwork, efficiency, accountability, and effectiveness by connecting team performance to incentive payouts.​

Enhance Culture

Promote the employee, management and leadership behaviors that drive culture, encourage action, and lead to desired results.​

Provide Transparency

Add objectivity into performance evaluations by enabling employees to see the connection between actions and incentive payouts​

Develop Careers

Provide employees with objective and meaningful feedback to inspire success, engagement and career advancement​

Cultivate Leadership

Grow the next generation of leaders by fostering accountability and rewarding successful leaders with higher ourlinQ payouts as they expand their leadership roles.​

Improve Recruiting

Overcome the talent war - one of the highest unmet employee expectations according to Gallup is profit sharing​.

Increase Retention​

Enhance retention by providing employees the ability to positively impact their incentive compensation and future.​

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