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Helping you achieve “it” by making incentives mean more

employee incentive programs

Automated Incentive Solutions

Targeted Incentives

Choose from our library of industry or department specific incentive rules to build personalized incentives. Select incentive rules that correspond with your teams’ primary job responsibilities and incentivize them when they do it well. Make sure the incentives are meaningful enough to drive improvement while making your employee feel valued.

employee incentive plan

Incentive Dashboards

Whether you’re a business owner evaluating the effectiveness of your latest incentive or an employee checking in to see how close you are to your next bonus level, our interactive dashboards unlock the true potential of your incentive program.  Dashboards can be built at the company, team, and team member level to motivate data driven decisions with targeted incentives.

effective employee incentive programs

Incentive Automation

Finally, you can ditch your cumbersome spreadsheet! From data and payroll integrations to our library of incentive rules and templates, ourlinQ has automated the incentive process. Through ourlinQ’s technology partners, your team can be provided with the latest BI data import and analytics tools. Wherever the data that drives your incentives is hidden, our automation tools capture and turn that data into a true performance incentive.

employee incentive programs

It’s Like Sales Commissions For The Rest of Us

ourlinQ is for the performance-minded organization who makes decisions based on data, not whims. Automate your incentive compensation plan with the first of its kind pay for performance software platform.

Solutions By Industry

Achieve “It” with ourlinQ

ourlinQ® helps organizations achieve their goals, whatever they may be, by making incentives mean more to their team. The transparency and live feedback provided by each employee’s performance dashboard inspires productivity while improving job satisfaction

increase sales in your incentive program for employees
Increase Sales

Motivate sales teams to attain higher targets.

Increasing production in your incentive program for employees
Increase Production

Inspire employee productivity by linking their production goals to incentives.

enhance culture in your incentive program for employees
Enhance Culture

Promote the employee, management and leadership behaviors that drive culture, encourage action, and lead to desired results.

improve satisfaction in your incentive program for employees
Improve Satisfaction

Provide employees with objective and meaningful feedback to inspire success, engagement and career advancement.

increase profitability in your incentive program for employees
Increase Profitability

Link bonuses to the importance of individual decisions and each team member’s performance to company profitability.

improve recruiting in your incentive program for employees
Improve Recruiting

Overcome the talent war - one of the highest unmet employee expectations according to Gallup is profit sharing.

Providing transparency in your incentive program for employees
Provide Transparency

Add objectivity into performance evaluations by enabling employees to see the connection between actions and bonus payouts.

Increasing retention in your incentive program for employees
Increase Retention

Enhance retention by providing employees the ability to positively impact their incentive compensation and future.

An Incentive Program With Great Results

  • Profitability increased over 100% within the first two years of implementing ourlinQ®
  • Utilization has increased 7% since implementation
  • Amount of incentives paid out to employees has doubled since implementation
Jones & DeMille Engineering
  • Bonus amounts paid to our team have significantly increased every quarter correlating directly to increased project profitability
  • Profit margins for teams that had historically only broken even have improved significantly
  • Team members are excited about now knowing why they receive the bonuses they do and how to improve to receive more
effective employee incentive programs
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employee incentive plan
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