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Launch Your Plan in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1:
Build Your Employee Dashboards
See what your employees track on their dashboards
A small infographic for your business KPI's
Your Business KPI's
A small infographic for individual goals and targets
Individual Goals and Targets
Personal Performance Metrics
Step 2:

Update Your Data in
Real Time

See how we make their dashboards LIVE
Real-Time Data Integrations
Mobile Data Entry
Drag and Drop Data Uploads
Step 3:

Create a Transparent Incentive Plan that Inspires Performance

See how their dashboards “link” their incentives to their performance:
A small infographic showing role based incentives
Role based incentives
A small infographics for industry specific plans
Industry specific plans
A small infographics for industry specific plans
Department focused incentives

Transform Your Performance Management and Drive Success with ourlinQ. An Employee Incentive Program.

Streamline Bonus Allocation, Motivate Your Team, and Achieve Results.
Effortlessly streamline bonus allocation and create a fair and transparent process.
Motivate and engage your team with customized bonus plans that reward performance.
Someone receiving a trophy
Achieve tangible results with real-time data insights and actionable performance tracking.
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