Money Motivated Millennials


It has been said time and time again that millennials are not motivated by money in the workforce. What if I told you that they are motivated by so much more than just money? In this generation, work life and careers are not what they used to be. Many millennials want to change up their surroundings frequently. Having new opportunities and experiences are a large part of that change. There is an inherent need in this particular generation to see and do new things. Many of this age group put more value on having a flexible career with decent benefits, rather than a career dominated by an impressive salary. Everything in life seems to be getting more expensive. There’s no way to make it without working to earn money.

From Experience

As someone who is a part of the millennial generation, I can relate to all the scenarios mentioned above. I find that I thrive on new experiences, both career wise and in life. I am motivated by having nice things. With this in mind, I am motivated to make money to afford the life I want to live.

Growing up I always had to pay for my own things. The real world still hit hard when I moved to college. I now had rent, utilities, a car payment and other basic bills to pay all while attending classes, keeping up on homework, working and trying to maintain a social life. I quickly learned that in order to live the life I had always imagined, I was going to have to work hard.

With this, came a lot of sacrifices. There were a few semesters where I was working full time while being a full-time student. Most days I would leave for work before the sun rose. I did not make it back home until the sun had set. Then it was time to finally do homework. The days were long and exhausting, but I look at myself now and I realize that I am well on my way to reaching my goals.

Making Money

There are many things that are appealing about making money, but the way in which money is made is one of the biggest factors for the millennial generation. For instance, some may say that benefits and experiences gained from a career are most important. For others, having a work-life balance with flexibility and opportunity seems to be the most pressing concern when choosing a career. Sometimes the perceived list of what millennials want in a workplace can seem daunting. How do we accomplish that? 

Giving millennials the freedom to choose within their career can make a large difference. By offering flexibility, they can choose how hard they want to work. The more money they want to make, the harder they will have to work for it. Giving your employees this choice allows them to feel empowerment and control within their job. They will embrace the “think like owners” mindset knowing that they have full responsibility and no excuses when it comes to earning what they feel they deserve whether that be by salary, commission or bonuses.