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Bonus System Transparency

Growth is essential in a successful company. Teaching your employees to think like owners and allowing them to expand their skillset, will help them and the company thrive! That growth cannot happen without good communication and good incentives, both of … Read More

Give Feedback Consistently, Constructively, and Timely

Timely and constructive feedback allows the person delivering the feedback to provide it in a less formal setting focusing on one issue at a time, that is specific and easily recallable vs. annual reviews, that are frequently much less specific … Read More

Culture in a Crisis

When you’re in a crisis, “your people” are the ones who make all the difference. They are the ones who lift you, inspire you, keep you laughing, help you succeed, and never stop believing in you. How much easier would … Read More

The Money Motivated Millennial

It has been said time and time again that millennials are not motivated by money in the workforce. What if I told you that they are motivated by so much more than just money? In this generation, work life and … Read More

Seven ways to discover OPPORTUNITY during crisis

  As we move through June 2020 and the fine tuning of our office re-opening plans, smart leaders are now focused on how to discover opportunity during this turbulent time. How can you ensure your firm’s continued success through COVID-19 … Read More

How Business Development is Going to Save Your Firm

Two reasons why business development is first among equals! Last month we asked one of our clients about any projects they were considering in the next quarter.  His response was, “how can I think about new projects when I’m worried … Read More

Two Keys to Help Your Team Think Like Owners

The other day my brother-in-law and I were discussing ways he could generate a larger income.  He’s a very successful physician’s assistant and makes a comfortable living, however I was sure that he could do something more with the skills … Read More



You Run a Small or Medium Business: FIVE STEPS TO SURVIVE IN THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC   It is no secret that, from a business point of view of course, the hardest hit group from the COVID-19 pandemic will be small … Read More

Your team wants to continue working from home, now what?

It’s January 2020 and your business is humming. You came off your best year ever and are looking forward to another great year. In March however, a virus 1000 times smaller than a grain of sand brought everything to a … Read More

What’s in a Bonus?

At the hilarious climax of the holiday classic, Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold finally receives his long-anticipated Christmas bonus.  The whole extended family eagerly awaits his report of a large cash bonus.  The deflated Clark realizes his swimming pool dreams are … Read More