Performance Management

Take a minute and think about what your business was like 10 years ago. How much has your team changed? Is your team more diverse? Have you ever thought or maybe even said aloud, “this new generation doesn’t know anything about hard work?” Would you have even considered allowing some or all your team to …

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What’s in a Bonus?

At the hilarious climax of the holiday classic, Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold finally receives his long-anticipated Christmas bonus.  The whole extended family eagerly awaits his report of a large cash bonus.  The deflated Clark realizes his swimming pool dreams are shot when he gets a one-year subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club.  To …

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Appropriate Rewards Systems

What encourages team members across organizations to be as efficient and responsible as possible?  Clients that have implemented reward systems that are aligned with their company goals and culture in their organization, have seen great improvements in their team member morale and engagement. Team members become motivated to be time efficient and keep up on …

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Bonus System Transparency

Growth is essential in a successful company. Teaching your employees to think like owners and allowing them to expand their skillset, will help them and the company thrive! That growth cannot happen without good communication and good incentives, both of which help your employees feel valued. In the past, I’ve have been blessed with good …

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Give Feedback Consistently, Constructively, and Timely

Timely and constructive feedback allows the person delivering the feedback to provide it in a less formal setting focusing on one issue at a time, that is specific and easily recallable vs. annual reviews, that are frequently much less specific and often only recent activities are recalled.  Regular constructive feedback allows the recipient to respond, …

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Culture in a Crisis

When you’re in a crisis, “your people” are the ones who make all the difference. They are the ones who lift you, inspire you, keep you laughing, help you succeed, and never stop believing in you. How much easier would it be to go to work and keep routine in the middle of your crisis …

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