Incentives For Your HR Team

HR Department incentives should target their role in building the best EX. The two incentive rules shown are proven methods of motivating your HR team to maximize EX. Alternate incentive rules in our expanding library include the following KPIs; hiring days, onboardings completed, employee retention or turnover, employee satisfaction, performance reviews complete and more.

Employee performance dashboard for your human resources team
Employee performance dashboard for incentive rules
Employee performance dashboard for your Human Resources Team
Employee performance dashboard for incentive rules such as employee satisfaction

ourlinQ for HR

How It Works

You ask so much of your HR team. Recruiting, hiring, onboarding, retention, benefits, compliance, employee satisfaction, performance reviews, and more. You’ve hired them to create the best employee experience (EX). Your HR team’s performance can be easily monitored by tracking the right KPIs. We help you inspire their performance by showing the right KPIs and targets, updated real-time results and the rewards or incentives they’ve earned.

A Human resources team learning about a pay for performance software

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Building Your HR Team Incentive Plan

Your system will come pre-populated with a proven HR team incentive plan with incentive rules that ourlinQ clients have shown will motivate your team members. Simply upload your employees and apply the incentive rules that will target what’s currently most important to your HR team. Or build your own custom incentive rule to achieve your next HR initiative.