Incentives For Your Sales Team

Sales team incentives should target their role in selling your product or service. The two incentive rules shown are proven methods of motivating your sales team to keep those deals closing. Alternate incentive rules in our expanding library include the following KPIs: total calls made, emails sent, demos attended, profit generated, sales efficiency, close rate and more.

Employee performance dashboard for a sales call chart
Employee performance dashboard for a sales call metric
Employee performance dashboard for sales revenue chart
Employee performance dashboard for sales revenue

ourlinQ for Sales

How It Works

You ask a lot of your sales team. Yet, your business doesn’t exist without sales, so expecting them to hit their targets is crucial to your success. You hire your sales team to do one job, sell! Sales team performance can be tracked based on the sum of the small tasks that add up to a sale or by focusing on the closed deal itself. Regardless, your sales team performance can be easily monitored by tracking the right KPIs. Regularly sharing those KPIs is a proven way to improve their performance. Visibly showing their up-to-date KPIs with their commissions is performance inspiring magic.

Sales seeing the rewards from their new performance software

Free Sales Templates and Resources

Building Your Sales Team Incentive Plan

Your system will come pre-populated with proven commission rules that ourlinQ clients have shown will motivate your sales team members. Simply upload your employees and apply the incentive rules that will target the tasks that drive sales in your organization. Or build your own custom incentive rule to achieve your next sales initiative.