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How It Works

Leave it to engineers to develop a very specific set of KPIs that tell how their firm is performing. Regularly sharing the right KPIs with your team is a proven way to improve your performance. Pairing those performance indicators with a financial incentive to improve those KPIs is performance inspiring magic.

An engineer working on the live dashboard of his incentive program

Incentives for Your Engineering Team

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Project Delivery Team

Your project delivery team is the core of any engineering firm. The most used incentive rule for an engineering team is project-based profit sharing. As the company profit margin and the project profit increases so does the incentive to each team member. Alternate incentive rules could be built using the following KPIs: utilization, schedule, quality, business development, or client satisfaction.

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Division or Team Lead

From firm leadership down to your marketing team and administrative assistants, each has a specific role in helping improve the bottom line of your business. Incentive solutions for each critical department in your organization are explained on the Department Solutions page. A typical incentive for a team or division leader is shown as an example below. Additional incentives for metrics that your team leader is responsible for could include team utilization rate, team sales, team revenue, client satisfaction or employee satisfaction.

Building Your Engineering Team Incentive Plan

ourlinQ was born in an engineering firm and we speak nerd. Your system will come pre-populated with a proven incentive plan for your engineering firm. Simply upload your employees and assign an incentive template based on their role.  You can start your incentive plan as is, or adjust bonus frequency, KPI targets, incentive amounts or add new incentive rules to fit specific initiatives in your organization.

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Personal Support Worker (PSW) & Registered Nurse (RN

PSWs and RNs are the core of your care team. There are several factors that indicate the performance of a PSW or RN. They should be rewarded when they hit their production target goals and for providing quality services. The incentive template for a PSW or RN is based on a combination of incentives for production and quality. Contact our team to assist you in building out alternate incentive rules using any of the following KPIs: paperwork completion, visits per day, length of service, service failures, or client turnover rate.