ourlinQ for Financial Services Firms

How It Works

Leave it to financial consultants to develop a very specific set of KPIs that tell how their firm is performing. Regularly sharing the right KPIs with your team is a proven way to improve your performance. Pairing those performance indicators with a financial incentive to improve those KPIs is performance inspiring magic.

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Free Financial Services Templates and Resources

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5 Keys to Setting Effective KPI’s
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Free Bonus Policy Template
5 Steps to build a better bonus program
Build a Better Bonus Program

Building Your Financial Services Team Incentive Plan

ourlinQ was born in a company seeking to drastically improve performance. Your system will come pre-populated with a proven incentive plan that will inspire peak performance in your financial services firm. Simply upload your employees and assign an incentive template based on their role. You can start your incentive plan as is, or adjust bonus frequency, KPI targets, incentive amounts or add new incentive rules to fit specific initiatives in your organization.