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Learn the 3 simple steps to use your bonus to inspire your team’s peak performance!
Step 1:
Build Your Employee Dashboards
See what your employees track on their dashboards
A small infographic for your business KPI's
Your Business KPI's
A small infographic for individual goals and targets
Individual Goals and Targets
Personal Performance Metrics
Step 2:

Update Your Data in
Real Time

See how we make their dashboards LIVE
Real-Time Data Integrations
Mobile Data Entry
Drag and Drop Data Uploads
Step 3:

Create a Transparent Incentive Plan that Inspires Performance

See how their dashboards “link” their incentives to their performance:
A small infographic showing role based incentives
Role based incentives
A small infographics for industry specific plans
Industry specific plans
A small infographics for industry specific plans
Department focused incentives