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Build your culture with these organizational insights

Balancing Your Culture with Carrots and Sticks

Like each of you, my life has been shaped by a lot of good and bad experiences. Some of those experiences really stand out. They stand out because of the life lessons learned from them. Some of those life lessons came in the form of a carrot (rewards) and some …

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Performance Management

Take a minute and think about what your business was like 10 years ago. How much has your team changed? Is your team more diverse? …

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The Future of Performance Management

Several years ago, as I was beginning to manage projects on my own, I was faced with a tough client decision.  It was nearing the …

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Appropriate Rewards Systems

What encourages team members across organizations to be as efficient and responsible as possible?  Clients that have implemented reward systems that are aligned with their …

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Bonus System Transparency

Growth is essential in a successful company. Teaching your employees to think like owners and allowing them to expand their skillset, will help them and …

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Give Feedback Consistently, Constructively, and Timely

Timely and constructive feedback allows the person delivering the feedback to provide it in a less formal setting focusing on one issue at a time, …

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Culture in a Crisis

When you’re in a crisis, “your people” are the ones who make all the difference. They are the ones who lift you, inspire you, keep …

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