Targeted Incentives

Let them know what matters most to your organization by putting your money where your mouth is. Whether it’s a focus on the bottom line or accomplishing a specific business initiative, let your incentive plan help with the heavy lifting. Select meaningful incentives that focus on these three areas. 

What were they hired to do? Reward them for doing it exceptionally well. Define it. Track it. Reward it.

Insert your favorite quote about teamwork here. They’re all applicable. Magic happens when we all have a common goal and my efforts, help you win too.

In business, it always comes down to the bottom line. Especially when you’re talking incentive dollars. Everything is easier with a healthy bottom line. Teach them to think like an owner by rewarding them when they perform like an owner.

A team excited to hit their target with their new incentive program

Incentive Dashboards

effective employee incentive programs

Transparency! It’s the unrivaled number one reason incentive plans don’t work. We take incentive visibility to the next level. We built real time data-driven incentive dashboards for your executives, teams and employees. They’ll never ask how much…, why is my…, or how do I…, about their bonus check again. 

It’s a BI dashboard for your incentive plan. This is where any metric that drives your incentive plan can be seen and tracked in real time. But what’s more is that you’ll know exactly what impact your incentive plan is making. 

Show exactly how far your team is from your next quota and pair that with how much their incentives will be to turn your team dashboard into a team performance optimizer. 

Yeah, I know they were raised on video games. Leveling up is part of who they are. Gamify their incentive plan with a scoreboard of their own. However this time the “coin” they collect is real.  

Incentive Automation

Say what? No more last-minute spreadsheet calculations and guesswork to get your bonus checks ready for the Christmas party. You’re gonna miss those late nights. The data was always available, we just pulled it all together so your bonus calculations will only take a minute.  Now it doesn’t matter if you leave it to the last minute.

Somewhere in your company’s technology stack are the data and metrics that drive your incentive plan. It’s a matter of pulling it into one place. We make that possible through our own API connectors and our technology partners.  

Don’t reinvent the incentive wheel. Use our library of industry and role-based incentive templates and metric-based incentive rules to create the right incentive plan for your team. Make simple adjustments on the fly to reward what’s important now. 

An employee seeing all the rewards come in with their new incentive program