The ourlinQ® concept was born after the geeked out bonus spreadsheets failed to reward the behaviors for a professional services firm
A team working with their incentive dashboard

Our Story

For the better part of the last decade Jones and DeMille Engineering (JDE) developed and implemented various forms of bonuses or incentives for their team members. Each of the systems yielded different results and did not make any appreciable improvements to their organization. Frustrated with the results and faced with the desire to incentivize in a way that motivated each of their team members to think like owners, JDE’s leadership team identified profit sharing as their most important strategic initiative in 2017. JDE then spent well over a year working together with their business consultant, Visible Value, on conceptualizing and developing a project-based profit sharing solution.

Rewarding and incentivizing several core behaviors was critically important to JDE’s leadership team as they went through the process of developing the system. These core behaviors included thinking like an owner, accountability, teamwork, professional development, and proactive business development while supporting their awesome company culture. What became the ourlinQ® platform proved to be the solution they needed to promote and reward these behaviors. The net result since implementation in 2017 has been almost a 100% increase in firm profitability, steady growth, and highly engaged team members. Learn more about the results achieved here. In 2019, JDE’s leadership team decided that all professional services firms and project based businesses should be able to benefit from the profit sharing solution they had developed and worked together with Visible Value to bring the ourlinQ® platform to market.

What’s in a name? For us, everything! Linking our team member’s rewards to our vision as leaders was the reason we developed the ourlinQ® concept. We want all organizations to build their own culture of thinking like owners and create “their link” to reward those who embrace that vision.