Free Bonus Policy template

Free Bonus Policy Template

Want To Confidently Distribute Bonuses?

Add consistency, transparency, and structure to your bonus program!

At ourlinQ®, we know that you want to be a company that confidently distributes bonuses. To do that, you need a bonus policy that keeps your bonus program structure consistent and transparent. The problem is your current bonus program keeps changing with the whims of leadership which makes you and your employees feel uncertain on bonus day. We believe that bonus day should be celebrated!

We understand that carrying out a bonus program can come with unforeseen and uncomfortable circumstances, which is why we are giving you our Bonus Program Policy Template which has proven to add consistency, transparency, and structure to many of our client’s bonus programs.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Download our FREE Bonus Policy Template
  • Edit the template to reflect your company’s culture and policies
  • Implement your bonus program with confidence

In the meantime, take our quick two-minute Pay to Inspire™ (PTI) Assessment to find out if your current bonus program actually incentivizes performance. Stop giving inconsistent and confusing bonuses and instead enjoy a better bonus day knowing your team earned their incentive.

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