The ultimate guide to pay for performance - engineers

The Ultimate Guide to Pay for Performance for Engineers

Learn how to build a P4P program for your engineering team!


  • KPI’s, Metrics, Targets, and Goals

  • Bonus Budget

  • Metric Based Incentives (MBI)

  • Employee Specific Scorecards

  • Feedbacks, Results and Revisions

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Personal Support Worker (PSW) & Registered Nurse (RN

PSWs and RNs are the core of your care team. There are several factors that indicate the performance of a PSW or RN. They should be rewarded when they hit their production target goals and for providing quality services. The incentive template for a PSW or RN is based on a combination of incentives for production and quality. Contact our team to assist you in building out alternate incentive rules using any of the following KPIs: paperwork completion, visits per day, length of service, service failures, or client turnover rate.