Jones & DeMille Engineering

  • Since implementation in 2018, JDE’s profitability averaged nearly 16%, up almost 5% from previous years and in 2019 YTD, it has climbed to over 21%
  • Contract amendments increased from 68 to 127 the first year ourlinQ™ was implemented
  • The number of projects with very low or negative profits decreased by 40% in the first year
  • The amount paid out to our employees has doubled since we started using ourlinQ™
  • ourlinQ™ has helped us:
    • develop the employee behaviors that are most important to our team
    • promote career advancement, leadership and thinking like an owner
    • foster the culture of thinking like an owner where every decision an employee makes impacts their payout
  • It has also become a:
    • critical part of employee retention as they feel like they have control over their incentive compensation
    • vital part of our recruiting efforts and employer value proposition – profit sharing is a key benefit discussed in every interview for potential new hires.
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