Pay for Performance (P4P) = Best Bonus Plan Ever!!
Upcoming Webinar:
December 8, 2022 10:00 am Mountain Time

The P4P methodology is a proven compensation model that has been successful for decades.  Professional salespeople thrive under the P4P model. They are paid for performance with sales commissions. Yet, why do so few other industry professionals compensate their teams at least in part for their performance? Based on our observations from working with hundreds of different companies over the past 5 years, it comes down to one reason. It’s just too difficult to develop and administer a P4P plan in businesses that has so many different professionals with different roles. We have spent thousands of hours taking the input from dozens of industries to develop a P4P process that works for all professionals within your business. We then built an incredible tool to automate the process for you. Join us to learn how easy and effective bonuses can be with the ourlinQ system.